Additional Services


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Additional Services

We offer these additional services above our standard services. 

Email & Collaboration

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

If you’re looking for the industry-leading, business-class email solution, you’ll find it in Microsoft 365. Microsoft hosted exchange servers have guaranteed up-time with built-in malware protection and anti-spam filtering to guard your email against those ever-present security threats. Office 365 syncs emails, calendars and contact information across your devices in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter where you are or what device is in your hand.

  • hosting with 50 GB mailbox
  • Use your own custom domain name
  • Schedule meetings and respond to invitations with ease using shared calendars
  • Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • Real-time co-authoring so multiple users can work in the same document, simultaneously
  • 1 TB of OneDrive storage for file storage and sharing
  • Work on a file and save it directly to OneDrive or SharePoint; your changes are updated across your sync’d devices
  • Securely share documents and send emails so only those with the right permissions can access the information
  • Access and sync files on PC or Mac and mobile devices
  • Protect your email against spam, malware, and known threats with Exchange Online Protection
  • Meets key international, regional, and industry-specific standards and terms, with more than 1,000 security and privacy controls
  • Control who and when someone has access to your business information with security groups and custom permissions
  • Create password policies that require users to reset their passwords after a specified number of days


Cost Effective And Performance Driven

VoIP Telephone Services

Cloud -based Voice over IP phones are an excellent product for businesses. Compared to traditional telephone systems, cloud-based VoIP phone systems eliminate the need for expensive onsite PBX hardware and greatly reduce monthly telephone service costs. Easy to scale, great flexibility and reliable call quality, our VoIP solution includes voice mailboxes, voicemail to email, ring groups, business hour rules and a vast number of other features. Let Momentum analyze your current usage and determine the best plan for your business.

Disaster Recovery

Plan for the worst

Plan For The Worst

In addition to our standard backup service, we offer a disaster recovery option. A disaster recovery plan enables you to rebound and recover your systems rapidly from a dire situation. Man-made or otherwise, a down system can severely jeopardize your customer orders, vendor commitments, revenue goals, and ultimately your company’s reputation. A disaster recovery plan developed by Momentum minimizes a crisis by recovering your systems quickly so you can get back to business.

Workstation Backups

Data is at the heart of your business

Minimize the Risk of Downtime

Employees rely on their workstations to perform their daily tasks and keep business flowing. Downtime can grind productivity to a halt and impact profitability. In the event of a device failure, our workstation backup images can be used to restore the entire computer. Or if you only need to restore a few lost files or folders, the same backup image can be used to easily restore only what you need. Backing up your workstations allows for a fast recovery and productive employees while also protecting your data.


constant vigilance

Peace of Mind

Our cybersecurity service adds additional layers to our standard virus and malware protection service. These additional safeguards harden your systems against attack and further reduce risk. We have dedicated, trained and certified staff in cybersecurity to meet the needs of our customers and stay in front as a local leader in the cybersecurity space.

 Our Cybersecurity service includes:


regulatory compliance

Compliance Doesn't Have To Be Confusing

Industry compliance standards are becoming more and more common as our nation works diligently to turn the tide toward securing our government and businesses against theft, fraud and ransomware attacks. Many of our customers operate in industries that require compliance standards such as CMMC, HIPAA and PCI. We have dedicated, trained and experienced staff in this area to meet the needs of our customers and stay in front as a local leader in the compliance space. For large, more involved compliance projects that stretch outside the realms of IT alone, we partner with a local compliance consultant who can serve as the project lead and conduct onsite compliance attestations. We take those results and work with our customers to make the necessary changes.