Why Security Awareness Training Can Save
Your Business

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By: William McGraw

As we move into 2023, news about cybersecurity breaches is becoming increasingly common in the media. Hackers are constantly improving their skills to cause reputational and financial damage to companies, and one of the most popular ways they are doing this is by exploiting people through phishing.


Phishing is a technique used by hackers to either run malware or ransomware on a person’s computer or to obtain sensitive information. They do this by sending emails impersonating people, companies, or organizations in order to trick people into giving them information or installing malicious software. One common outcome of phishing attacks is the deployment of ransomware, which encrypts all the files it can reach in an organization and holds them for ransom. Hackers may also use a technique called “double extortion,” in which they threaten to release the stolen information online in addition to encrypting it. This can be devastating for businesses, and we have seen some small and medium-sized businesses close permanently as a result.

WannaCry Ransomware deployed in a lab environment

Security Awareness Training

However, there are ways to protect against phishing attacks and other threats to cybersecurity. One effective way is to conduct security awareness training. This can include software-based training, videos, or instructor-led courses that educate and remind users what to look for and how to respond to potential threats. Security awareness training can also cover topics such as good password practices and online hygiene. It is best to make security awareness training a recurring event, occurring every four to six months depending on the needs of the organization. Testing can also be done by sending simulated phishing emails to users to see how well they can identify and report phishing attempts. By investing in security awareness training, businesses can create a secure atmosphere and turn their users from liabilities into a shield against threats.

William McGraw
Cybersecurity & Compliance Specialist
CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA Pentest+, eJPTv2